While listening to Elaine Pagels, she talked about a friend who had just died. She went to her church and the pastor asked if her friend was a “Christian” and she said “No”. She was told he was in HELL. She, of course, rejected this judgment.
When I was in Spain at Torrejon Air Force Base outside Madrid, attending “Catechism” we shared the church and the Sunday school with the Protestant and Jewish children. We were being taught about “original sin” and being told that only Catholics could be forgiven by God for our sins in the confessional. We had to clean up and get out because the Protestant Sunday school had to use the classroom in a couple of minutes. I asked (I was 8 years old) about the Protestants who were about to come into the class. I was told they couldn’t enter heaven because they didn’t believe as we did. From that day on religion became a study NOT a belief. After all how could the kid you played kickball with be a PAGAN and still be your friend? It couldn’t be true.
Elaine Pagels wrote the The Gnostic Gospels in 1979. Everyone has heard of the Quram’s Dead Sea Scrolls and their relation to the bible, to St. John and to Jesus. But the “Gnostic Gospels” are left out of the lexicon or canon. In 1945 a series of scrolls were unearthed that proved to be one of the earliest “gospels” of the Christian faith. They were banned and became a mark of rebellion for the “Gnostics”. This censorship forever marked the Christian faith. They allow for free thinking in relating your belief and the actual knowledge of the world. This was not allowed in the 3rd century. Christianity (there was only one “Christianity” in those days) was being dispersed to the masses in a very dogmatic and strict way. The Gnostic Gospels could not be part of the Bible because of their open relation to the hereafter and for their open reverence of the female in relation to God. I see a connection in the Gnostic Gospels to the matriarchal religions of the past as, I am sure, did the church “Fathers”. After all, hidden in the sands of Ephesus was the multi breasted statue of the last Goddess Artemis. She is last connection to great matriarchal religions and the Gnostic Gospels, also known as the Gospel of Thomas, acknowledged this.
How can we clean our desks off and make way for the next religious group after just hearing we are only ones to be able to get into heaven? How can we believe we will leave our good friends behind? How can this be true?
In a word. It CANNOT!! We are all children of this world. We are all children of Gaia.

“Bet you weren’t ready for that No! No! No!!” More to come.


You’ve gotta love the French.

The “shrub” decided to invade Iraq and Cherq told him to stuff it. It was more fun to see Putin slam Blair in Russia when he wasn’t expecting it but the French should have gone along. Well that’s what Bush thought. And now today the working class has taken to the streets to protest lengthening the time it take to pay into their retirement. We, the “Super Power” of the world don’t have the chance to even engage in the conversation. We have a shaky social security that we must pay into till we reach 63 and the payments are based on what we paid.
The workers in France have shut down the most of the transportation in the entire country with just the hint that they would have to work 2 more years for their pension. They do not let the government get away with the least infringement on their entitlements. Here in the “Super Power of the world there is no guarantee of any pension EVER. And let’s talk about health care. My friend “L” who works here on a green card knows that he has to get on a plane to France if he gets seriously ill. The major companies that he works for here take taxes out of his check and claim him as an employee but “L” is a freelancer and receives NO benefits from any of the major companies that hire him. Well he’s a foreigner. Yes but I am not. I work as an employee for a few major companies and because each of them claim me as an employee I cannot claim self-employment nor am I entitled to any of the healthcare the give to “permanent” employees. I am a self-employed person and I have to pay my own health care yet I am not allowed the deductions for the business I am running.
I applaud the workers of France for laying down the line that the government cannot cross. They have a strong economy and yes they pay a hefty tax burden. But their children can see a doctor when they are sick and when they get old there will be a pension to keep, them without watching state after state do away with medicade.
We have a welfare state that is in deep trouble caught between the right and the left wasting people’s lives and amazing amounts of money. As we watch the stubborn left and the righteous right decimate any chance for a middle ground we watch our President wage war in the name of the dead at ground zero. The bombing in Saudi Arabia put the lie to that. Al Qada is alive and well bombing the C**P out Iraq was NOT in the name of terrorism. He stands on the podium and takes the accolades for being a war hero while strapping us with debt that we may never repay.
Yes you gotta love the French.

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