Super Tuesday indeed.

Tomorrow we vote. As usual NY is voting when the outcome is no longer in doubt. In the past I have used my vote to keep the dialogue alive by voting for Jessie Jackson and Jerry Brown. Not that I would have wanted either to be President but I wanted to keep the democrats in the news and continuing to talk about ALL the issues.
This time I will vote for the front runner and IMO opinion the next democratic nominee for President, John Kerry.
The Remodeling is in Phase II

The Russians left today!!
They cleaned up and left today at 4pm. I have new bathroom and most of a new kitchen. Both came out great. Now my work starts. I have to strip the kitchen cabinet doors and put new hardware on them, all 18 doors, then paint the kitchen and hang the center fixture, an old factory glass shade. Then I have to paint the rest of the apartment. Whew. Lots to do but the ordeal of construction is over. Yeah!!