In June of last year I wrote;

“John McCain has stated he continue to appoint conservative judges. The more moderate, some say liberal, judges are ready to retire. John Paul Stevens is 88, Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg is in her middle 70’s and has health issues and Justice Souter would like to get back to his cabin.
All of them are clinging to their seats, praying for a progressive, Democratic President so they can retire and not concede the court to the activist right.”

Well Souter has bailed and you have to know that Ginsberg and Stevens are not far behind.
Elected by Papa Bush Souter ended up being a judge that understands the law and was not an ideologue. The Shrub’s choices are a disaster that we will have to live with for a long time.
Thankfully all three made it to Obama’s Presidency and he will have the opportunity to at least keep the jackals at bay.


The Thinnest of Margins

It has been awhile since I wrote about ecology and I totally missed Earth Day.

To make up for it I will quote Garrett Riesman
an astronaut that I have been fortunate to meet. Upon getting to the Space Station and looking back at Earth he said this;

“…the thing that was closer to an epiphany for me was at one point I looked out, was within a day or so of being in orbit, I looked at the horizon, and I could see how thin the atmosphere was. And the atmosphere was... it just was the thinnest sliver of a band around the earth. And if you look, one would describe this as if you hold your arm out at full-arm's length, and I think if you stick out your pinky [finger] basically, that's the thickness of the atmosphere as seen on the horizon from our altitude. That's really not much, and it looked incredibly fragile. Before this, I kind of thought of the skies and seas as these vast, limitless expanses, and I don't think of it that way anymore. Especially when you consider how thin the atmosphere is and when you consider the ocean is a tenth as a... you know, ten times as less thick as the atmosphere is. You get the feeling that everything that we think as being Earth, all the forests, oceans, trees, and mountains. All that stuff is just the thinnest little coating on the top of a gigantic rock.”

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