Luciano Pavarotti - Ave Maria - Central Park 1993

Luciano Pavarotti performed in Central Park on a spectacular summer evening in June of ’93.
I had friends out sailing on my first boat, a Tanzer 22’, and we got back to the mooring in time to run into the city, grab a bottle of wine and find a spot under a big tree. We were way back but could see the stage and the sound system was updated earlier for the “Opera in the Park” series so everyone had great sound. We had a wonderful sail and a spectacular evening
It was one those fabulous moments in NYC when 100 thousand plus people came together for something special. That he did those wonderful concerts all over the world he let so many people hear his magnificent voice and the music he loved.

I feel I am lucky to live here and have seen the Beach Boys concert, Elton John, Simon & Garfunkle and of course the incomparable Pavarotti in the great lawn of Central Park with so many other New Yorkers. It’s hard for people outside New York to realize what we have and share as a community.

He was greatly loved and will be missed.