The Saddest Sentence…

I’ve ever heard was just reported on the News Hour
a few minutes ago.
“A sixth young girl was sent home, she is not expected to live.”
This is of course in reference to the shooting in Pennsylvania.
“..sent home. She is not expected to live.”
She is being sent home to die with her family. Maybe in the scope of things, a better situation than finding your daughter already dead. The family will be by her side if death comes. But how horrible is that?
To see those horse drawn carriages that most of us think of a quaint bringing the parents to the funerals of their children I can only think, “How unfair”.
I don’t care for fairness anymore. The NRA is wrong and needs to be fought at every level. Charleston Heston can stay in his mansion grasping his flintlock as his poor brain turns to goo. Guns kill people, people with guns kill children.
Stop it.

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1892 The Pledge of Allegiance and the salute are devised.

1898 First flag salute in New York State.

1919 Washington is the first state to make the pledge mandatory.

1924 “Of America” is added to the pledge.

1935 Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse to say the pledge.

1940 U.S. Supreme Court rules that public school students may be expelled if they don’t say the pledge.

1942 Congress strikes the extended arm salute and codifies that the pledge be said with the right hand over the heart.

1943 U.S. Supreme Court reverses itself, ruling that students have a constitutional right not to say the pledge.

1954 “Under God” is added to the pledge.

2002 The 9th U.S. Supreme Court of Appeals rules that “Under God” is unconstitutional.

2004 U.S. Supreme Court throws out the 2002 federal court decision.

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