The Tour Final Thoughts

This is a bit out of date as I was traveling but there are some things to consider after the Tour has concluded.
I think we have to put an * asterisk after this one.
Sastre deserved the win and put the hard work into the toughest climbs but another Spaniard was missing on the steep slopes.
Alberto Contador and the entire Astana Team were wrongfully left out of the Tour. No one can say what would have happened but combine Contador with Leipheimer supporting him and you have a much different race.
So now it’s time for one more race.
The Vuelta de Espana Starting the 31st of August.
They will all be there, it will answer some important questions and set the tone for the next year.

A word about the great George Hincapie .
He missed a win on Jausiers by just 24 seconds. After pounding himself for Cavandish there was no one from Team Columbia to help him.
A pity he deserved a stage. We can only hope he won’t retire yet.

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