$350 Later

Now that I am a home (apt.) owner I’m sure this is just the first of many such sagas.
I awoke Monday to find the power off in most of my apt. Only the kitchen and bathroom had power. Thanks for small favors. After determining it was not the building I got a couple of young Russians in to find the problem. Of course they couldn’t show till 7:30 pm and at 9pm they still had no idea where the problem was so I sent them home to return in the morning.
They came at nine and took up where they left off and by noon had all the power on and all new outlets installed. Between them they had about 15 words they could speak in English and I only know “Da” and “Niet”. For the longest time I didn’t hear very many “Da”s only “Niet’s”. But they went about their business. They saw last night that I don’t where shoes on the carpets so they took their shoes off without being asked and Alec brought flip flops to wear today. They worked fast and cleaned up. Nice guys.
It did cost $350 but with 5 hours work for two guys and the hardware it’s not great but not horrible. They were sent by the contractor who will start the remodeling of the bath and kitchen so I was glad to see good workers show up. I will have them wire the track lighting and other fixtures instead of doing it myself because if there is a problem they can find it. The wiring here is from the sixties and pretty out dated so it’s best to pay a few bucks and have it working well.
Ahhh….. the life of a home owner!