Health Care OR Extortion?

Today Massachusetts requires all state citizens to purchase healthcare or face financial penalties. Laurie McGinley writes in the Wall Street Journal
Those who don't comply will risk losing their personal tax exemption, about $219. In later years, the penalty will be increased, and will top more than $1,000 for some people.”

If a group of thugs comes to a pizzeria and demands “protection money” that is extortion. For the state to demand that individuals buy insurance (protection money?) from the thieving companies that deny surgeries, block preventative care, and send people home from hospitals before they are ready this is also EXTORTION.

Extortion is NOT healthcare.

Every one of the Democrats except for Kucinich
(who has no chance of serving) are touting the same “healthcare”. The biggest disappointment is Hilary who made a mess of her efforts to confront healthcare early in the Clinton Presidency and now won’t dare face down the insurance companies.

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