Another failure by DDDB to stop what will be a great asset to Brooklyn.
The misguided opposition to the development of the Atlantic Yards by Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn and the vicious Atlantic Yards Report and Mr. Oder has seen another failure.
DDDB has now wasted the poor defendant’s final appeals and left them with NOTHING!!
The last holdouts who depended on DDDB good judgment will now lose their homes and realize that the generous buyouts they were offered are long gone.
Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn is a huge misnomer. They NEVER wanted to “develop” anything. They only wanted to stop any possibility of Brooklyn moving forward. Like the Republicans and healthcare there was never any way they intended to find a way for all of Brooklyn to prosper.
Worst they used the people living there and ruined their opportunities to find decent housing elsewhere that Ratner would have paid for.
That is shameful.

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