It’s autumn.

I like the idea of following the cycles of the sun and moon. I never understood why the summer solstice, when the days start to get shorter is called the beginning of summer. It’s more an end than a beginning. Same with the winter solstice, the days start to get longer and the rebirth of Mother Earth is on its way.
At least the autumnal equinox is called autumn. I find it the most wonderful of seasons. Certainly spring with all its color and sexual verve is exciting after the doldrums of February and March. But the clear sky’s and perfect temperatures after August’s frightful heat, humidity and haze is so refreshing.
Maybe it’s the bitter sweet knowledge that so perfect a time of year is leading us into the depths of winter. But we are soothed and cajoled by autumn. With its warm days and brisk winds for the best of the sailing season and the cool nights that make being under the covers a joy.
So here’s to autumn. Not so much an ending but a bucolic and wonderful season that stands on its own.