Clinton Divides Obama Unites

The Brooklyn Optimist has endorsed Barrak Obama but decries the attacts on Mrs. Clinton . The vitriol that is hurled at Mrs. Clinton now is just the tip of the iceberg that awaits her should she become the nominee.
The attacks on her husband will look like a cake walk, and he had to face impeachment.
The fact is the Clinton’s ended their time in office as a divisive force that has the potential to rip this country apart should she win the election.
Obama, on the other hand has the potential to establish a dialogue that could bring opposing views together to argue and debate our differences in a civil manor.
IMO – Mrs. Clinton should remain in the senate and assume the Kennedy mantle of spokes person for the left and let Mr. Obama set the tone for the nation.
Either way we cannot let an evolution denier or a pandering hawk into the white house.

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