It’s Not Too Late to Face Reality

That’s from the The Arab News. The article written by Khaled Al-Maeena, Editor in Chief asks “God helps those who help themselves. What have the Arabs done to help themselves over the last 40 years?”. He looks at the opportunities that passed to modernize and prosper under the aegis of Islam.

As we watch hundreds of thousands of Shia convene on Karbala for the first time in 24 years the call for an Islamic government gets stronger and stronger. Watching a nation rise out anarchy is both fascinating and frightening. It seems like a task that has no end and, in a way, no beginning. But the religious gatherings of the faithful are a centerpoint right now. One can only wonder what the Sunni and the Kurds must be thinking.

The article goes on to say that with the ousting of Saddam a real opportunity to have a fresh start is within reach. The question is will old rivalries bring the euphoria down or will the people of Iraq see themselves as one nation and be tolerant of the different voices that will be expressed. The call for a government only ruled by “Sharia” is a response to the years of rule under Saddam. Just like the Iranians who reacted to years under a Shah that was supported by the US they are struggling to find a way between their faith and the modern world.
To a westerner, who has had a critical view of this war, it will be a lesson in civics and life to see how the Iraqi’s go forward. The chants of “Thanks allot now get out!!” should be heeded as soon as possible. Only the Iraqi people can find the road that leads to a nation of mixed races and creeds.

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