Rain Rain Go Away!

In “Alice’s restaurant” Arlo Guthrie talks about the “Last Guy”. He says when you have it bad someone always has it worse than you. At some point there is the last guy and no one has it worse than him.
While it’s true our sailing season has been dismal so far, there is a couple who have it worse than us. Last weekend Oyster Bay saw 60 knots and lightning strikes everywhere. My friends Ron and Kathy are great sailors and cruise the Sound and points east each year in their Niagara 35, a beautiful Canadian boat. They had only gotten a one hour shake down cruise in before last weekend when they were hit by lightning. Now their boat is on a mooring close to the marina where the mast lays in the yard torn apart and the prospect of all the electronics, including every inch of wiring may have to be replaced. Even if the weather changes by the 4th they face a month of repairs.
There are many perks to owning a 25’ boat. I have a 44’ Cheoy Lee one side of me and Ron and Kathy’s 35’ Niagara on the other I am the smallest boat in the area, and the shortest mast for 200 yards.
The weather will change, and we will enjoy one of the greatest sailing areas in America soon.

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