It has taken longer to get back to the blog than I had hoped. Moving is an epic that seems to have no end. I had lived in my last apartment for over 25 years so even the idea of a move was foreign to me. I am a service brat, having lived all over the states, Northern Africa and Europe so you might think I could move with ease but I think that worked against me. I settled, some would say burrowed, into a home for so long that inertia set in. But life moves on and all worked out for the best I am now a home, apartment, owner. I will say that now that I own, the hardware store rarely goes a day without a visit from me. How can there be so many little projects?
Did everyone see the second part of Angles in America? Mike Nichols fielded one of the strongest casts to be seen in a film made for television. Tony Kushner has written the best play about the plaque that is AIDS and maybe one the most profound pieces on the human condition. It’s a must see.
The North East has seen two big snowstorms and so far we are early in the season. Both storms happened on weekends. It’s great when it snows in the city on a weekend. Everyone gets out to play in snow. Now that I am a Brooklynite Prospect Park is where I headed to. I was going to go skiing but decided I wasn’t familiar enough with the park to ski it. I hiked in past lots of families sledding on gentle slopes and found some back trails that were still without footprints. The park has woods that are as old as the park and were just set aside by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux with very little changes which makes the wooded areas over a hundred and thirty years old. In the crystal white of the snow storm it was a magical walk. My hike lasted over two hours coming across the occasional cross country skier and a few snow shoe tracks. All in all a great way to see the park.
I hope to be back on a regular schedule with this blog now that things are settling down a bit. Please check back often.

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