Day 7 Friday 2/13
I hadn’t realized it was Friday the 13th and the day went reasonably smoothly. The tiles and Gregory showed up as planed a little after 2pm. The tile man is Sasha and he has less command of the English language than the rest of the crew. Between Gregory, Sasha and myself we came up with a plan for getting around the medicine chest and I have asked for dark baseboard or “saddle” that matches the floor to go over the white tile on the sink/toilet wall. It’s a little unconventional but will look finished when it’s all done. Even with no language between us Sasha and I convinced Gregory it was the right solution. So Gregory is off to other jobs and Sasha starts the tile. I am thrilled to see this phase started.
It is great to see the choices I made in the show room look good together. I stuck my neck out when choosing the floor tiles they are a green and black sort of “agate” look. They have a bit of texture so I won’t go sliding across all five feet of bathroom floor. Did I mention the bathroom is tiny?

Day 8 Saturday 2/14.
Sasha has got most of the whole pieces on the wall of the tub surround by noon. After his lunch, they all carry Tupper Ware lunches and tea, he is starting on all the cuts around the faucets and nozzles.
I spent the morning at the container store and Bed Bath & Beyond scoping out new towels, storage boxes and shower curtains. I should have a scrap of the floor tile to take with me in the next day or two. I managed to get out of both stores with only a $5 trash can but will have to bite the bullet soon and buy all the stuff when we get closer to completion. With the green of the floor I think the towels, rug and shower curtain will be sage or celadon. The wall color will also be celadon with the wall opposite of the mirror staying white. Of course I’m getting ahead of myself. I think the walls and floor will take through Monday.

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