Remodeling Redux

Day 13 Friday 2/20/02
Disappointment. I get home to find no work has been done. I had been brought home by Artie who cut up some plywood for shelves etc. and to find the work not done was really a bummer. It could be it was the 13th day. I called Gregory who said “I told you” well his English is not the best so I didn’t understand. Ultimately I see why but that is not enough to appease me. There was/is only for hours work to finish the bathroom and that would have wasted a day of one of his most valuable men. So on Tuesday two guys will come finish the bathroom and get started on the kitchen. Oh well it will soon be over then my work starts. I still have to paint the entire apt and strip and paint the kitchen cabinets.

Day 14 Tuesday 2/24
Walking home from work I ran into the real estate broker who sold me my apt. and she said a smaller one bedroom in this building ended up in a bidding war and got $15K more than asked! In just five months I‘ve already made good money on the apt.
Outside my building is a big truck and I asked the driver if he had delivered a stove and fridge. Indeed my new appliances are here. They are stainless and black, very cool. There is loud Russian rock and roll blaring on my portable radio and Vitali is painting away in the bathroom the floor in the kitchen has a layer of luan down and the counter is gone. Progress at last! There might be a chance the Russians will history by the end of the week but I am afraid to jinx it so just go in my bedroom and close the door.

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