Comments from the people at No Land Grab Are Shrill And Desperate

It seems the bloggers of No Land Grab saw fit to comment on my “Build The Arena” post below.

They wrote;

Anonymous said...
dear blogger. there happens to be a little thing called the Constitution and another little thing called democracy which you seem to have forgotten.

It’s nonsense of course. There is nothing in my post that advocates suppressing free speech and/or protesting against something that troubles you. Also my call to vote for candidates that support the Project is what every voter has the right to do.
It seems the people at No Land Grab do not want to see anyone support candidates that are for the Atlantic Yards Project and they use the Bush technique of calling anyone anti American who disagrees with them.
The fact is the Atlantic Yards Project will be a very positive project for Brooklyn that will not only brighten a dismal corner of the borough but shops and restaurants will grow up to service the visitors to the Arena, and the new residents of the apartments. The entire area will grow and many new businesses will come to life.
I lived in the village when the Westway project was fought and defeated. That was a colossal mistake. Now instead of being able to have safe access the water development that is beautiful, we have six lanes of roaring traffic between the neighborhood and the promenade that would have been hidden under ground.
Don’t allow this opportunity to slip away, support the Atlantic Yards Project and support candidates that will enable the Project.

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