Summer Cooking

For past two to three years I’ve have embarked on cooking for friends and throwing parties. I’ve always cooked for myself and see it as a great urban past time. Whether it’s a cocktail party for fifteen or just a few friends for dinner I try to push myself and not poison my friends.
One thing I’ve learned is to “be prepared”. Shopping early, cutting everything and having everything ready before cooking, "mis en place", helps reduce the anxiety and makes it possible to enjoy the party with my friends.
So here is a quick tip for summer.
Roma tomatoes are just coming out and are affordable. I take a bag of them and cut them into quarters, salt and pepper them, drizzle with olive oil and broil them till almost burnt. Having them available makes salads, sauces and bruscetta easy and spur of the moment sauce should you have friends over.
Enjoy your friends and the summer bounty

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