The Internet & Symbiosis

Now that even my Mother has broadband the internet is taken for granted, to “google” has become a well used verb it has become ubiquitous like the telephone.
But every now and then the symbiosis of the computer the internet and local services comes together to amaze.
I was reading the Turkish news paper Today’s Zaman and found an article on “The Towers of Trabzon” which I had never heard of. While reading the article I decided to see the town and opened google earth and whizzed around the world to the coast of the Black Sea and zoomed in on the town and the Byzantine churches. The article mentioned a book by Rose Macaulay titled "The Towers of Trebizond".
Curious, I looked the book up in the Brooklyn library and ordered it. It is now waiting for me to pick it up at my local branch.
A wonderful combination of curiosity and the combination of services and programs took me around the world and has left me with tangible asset of the book (analog?) to read.

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