Develop Don’t Destroy Destroys Their Clients (victims) Lives For The Holiday

Develop Don’t Destroy has become the ultimate Grinch who stole their clients Christmas.
The court has disallowed all their idiotic motions and
Barclay's Center is set to move forward.
As this blog has reported the clients (victims) of
Develop Don’t Destroy
Have lost their opportunity to cash in and buy decent homes. They will now be thrown out with no compensation. The insensitivity to the plight of these poor people rests soley on
Develop Don’t Destroy and of course the vehemence of Mr. Odor of Atlantic Yards Report.
Their behavior is reprehensible. Their clients (victims) deserved better.
Barclay's Center will proceed and Brooklyn will be better for it. Too bad Develop Don’t Destroy decided to ruin peoples lives in the process.

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