Peak Sails

Who is Peter Murphy of Peak Sails ?
A sales person for Peak Sails ? A spokes person for Peak Sails ?
Who has received products from Peak Sails ?

Thank you. Just trying to find out the quality and reliability of Peak Sails .


Anonymous said...

Use Google. Here's the info you need to consider

Peak Sails and Kelly-Hanson Sails are connected in some way.




Anonymous said...

Word on the street is Peak Sails is Art Kelly who was previously running Kelly-Hanson sails in Colorada. They defrauded a number of customers and were shut down.
Caveat Emptor. I'd suggest buying from a reputable supplier with a track record.

Anonymous said...

Have you found out about Peter Murphy and Peak Sails. I have my concerns as well.

Rick from Clearwater, Florida said...

I don't know who or actually why you are trying to get in touch with someone at Peak Sails out of Seattle, Washington! I have had a HORRIBLE experience with this company. They don't answer phone calls no matter how many messages you leave nor do they answer emails! Customer Service is non-existent. Ordered a sail (simple Hunter Main) from them and never received it. Had to have my bank reverse the charges they sent thru my bank as payment and after multiple attempts to contact them.....NOT ONE RESPONSE!!
Take my advice, buy your sail from a company you know is reputable!!

Anonymous said...

What I can tell you about Peak Sails with a PO Box in Washington is that I sent them a payment for a headsail in early February and never received nor will they return calls or emails.

ghillman said...

I have experience with Peak Sails that has a PO Box in Washington. I sent payment for a headsail, it was not sent, they will not refund, return calls or emails.

Anonymous said...

Peak Sails sources their sails from China Sail Factory. They tell customers they are made in the USA. peak Sails says they use name brand cloth. They use generic cloth, not real name-brand Challenge.

Peak Sails' website is reselling overstock sails from China Sail Factory. You can find the same sails at http://www.china-sail-factory.com/stocksails.aspx . Here's one example: compare CSF's Dufour 44 with this one from Peak Sails http://www.peaksails.com/dufour-44-g3-genoa-589-s-f/

Steve Allen said...

I gotta agree.. They answered the phone once to take our order, charged our credit card, and 4 weeks later, not a single response to dozens of messages, emails, IMs... I know they are busy this time of year, but this is incredibly unprofessional.. If they are even a real company (which I wonder now), they could at least respond to an email with "we got your email, I'll find out", etc...