Where Everybody Knows Your Name.
I saw an article in the Times, "The Rural Opposition: Protesting Where Everybody Knows Your Name". It's about some people protesting the war in a small town in Minnesota. Here in NYC I marched with 200,000 people and except for running into a couple friends I felt totally anonymous. Standing in a small town dressed in black with candles is an act of bravery that none of the marchers in New York will never know. It's hard to stand up for what you believe where everyone knows you. You could lose friends or be isolated, and in a small town that would be very hard. The article also said they took the signs off their lawns when the bombing started because they had friends who had children in the Army. The woman said "I don't want Lydia to have to drive by my house and see that sign," she said of Mrs. O'Connor. "I don't want to make her daily life any more difficult than it already is." It is after all a small town.

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