The White House has conducted an Easter Egg Roll since 1877. It was cancelled in 1917 during WWI and in 1942 during WWII. This year the Bush’s will only invite families of the troops involved in the fighting in Iraq. Usually there are about 40,000 children and adults involved but this year it will be cut down to 12,000.
Can you hear the speeches? “Kids, this is the man who sent your Daddies off to war. Now have fun finding those eggs!”
Easter is one of the times of the year that points up just how bizarre the Christian religion can be. Just how did the death and resurrection of Christ get to be represented by fuzzy rabbits and colored eggs? I suppose you can blame it on St. Paul. Opening up the new religion to the Hellenistic world brought all the pagan rituals with it. Spring was always a time of celebration of fertility and rebirth. No better time than the spring to celebrate the rebirth of Christ as long as those rabbits and eggs got to be part of the festivities.
The question before us now is will the Iraqi people see the end (death?) of the Hussein “regime” as a time for rebirth?

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